About healers club «Spirit-Flowers».

let’s get acquainted, 17 June 2018.

Dear friends, the site is under reconstruction, follow our page or instagram. The new version of the site with the full English version will be released in September 2019.

1. The healers club «Spirit-FLowers» runs from February 2016.
2. Located in Moscow, Russia.
3. We work and study on the book of Alice Bailey, «Esoteric healing» and others.

4. All our work is free: treatment, training, lectures, webinars, diagnosis patients, we need your support if you find our lectures and practices useful, please donate:
Sberbank card     4276 3801 1158 8658
Yandex money    410011235038851
Webmoney rub   R183814019625
Webmoney $       Z520289539765

5. Our aims:
— creation of new methods and standards of training in the area of healing,
— research and experiments, statistics and analytics,
— to bring healing out of the shadows of mystery, speculation and greed into the light of the scientific approach
and truth.

6. Plans:
— creation simple, practical lessons for people who can’t even read books Bailey, but our lessons will be able to find practical advice and improve their practice.

7. We will translate all our learning materials in English, to introduce English-speaking students with our experience.  All lectures, lessons, practices will be translated into English until 2018.

=== === ===

It’s me, Ulyana Pavlova, the healer and clairvoyant, founder of the healers club.

Аbout me: I’m a healer, esoteric, clairvoyant. 43 years old, live in Moscow, married. My social profession is interior designer, but spirituality has always been my main interest. My lectures and practices are based on materials from the books of Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatskaya,  I find their books are the top occult knowledge at the moment.

Аbout clairvoyance: I have developed my own method of the aura diagnostics.

Аbout healing: I check my  personal healing methods with the treatment of my patients, my methods are simple and work. All my healing methods are based on book of Alice Bailey «Esoteric healing». I am the founder of a group of healers «Spirit-Flowers», our group is part of the «Russian Foundation of servants of goodwill».

See you on my courses.

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